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Hello darlings!

On the lack of updating...I'm sorry. I an in need of a new hard drive for my computer, and that's something that costs three hundred dollars or more. It may make more sense to buy a whole new laptop. All that to say this-I don't have the money. I've been using the public libraries computers now and then to grab quick updates but with my work schedule I don't have much time on my hands.

I've been working at Wal-Mart. It's not ideal but Vail isn't the best place to find a great job after graduating college, but it's a job and I'm thankful to be working right now when the economy is the way it is. (Thank you for that, Bush administration.) I'm living at home right now due to my financial situation. I pay the maximum each month for my student loan bills, but I can't get them to lower how much I pay each month without hurting me in the long run, and I don't want to pay higher intrest rates in the end, and rent is SO HIGH here right now. Sometimes it can be really awful, other times great.

Work's been really onerous but this week I managed to get four days off in a row, which I really need to revitalize my spirits. I've been in kind of a funk recently and I am getting really irritated over a lot of things, things that never would bug me normally. Tomorrow I am going to the Avalanche vs the Maple Leaves game at the Pepsi Center in Denver (to those of you sports challenged, that is hockey). My parents got me the tickets for Christmas because we all love the Avs. Anyone who is going to be in downtown Denver tomorrow night give me a call.

I really miss talking to everyone- I don't spend much time on the phone. With any luck I can get my computer situation sorted out. Everyone leave me a comment telling me how you are and what you've been up to. :)
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This week is my last week of classes (ever!) before finals week. I can't believe how fast the semester has gone. Unlike last semester, I didn't feel so overwhelmed by school work that I wanted to tear my hair out or play in traffic. I only had to read 21 novels instead of 25 (like last semester) and 16 of those were for my young adult lit class so most of them were really easy reads, and half of them I had to read for book cards that we did so we got to choose our own books. For those, I did Peter Pan, Number the Stars, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul one (and I only wrote about one poem in it so I didn't read the whole thing, I mean, I have read it before though) one of the Dear America series books, and Eragon.

In my novel count for the semester I did not include anthologies that we had to buy because we have only had to read essays and poems and short stories out of those, and I didn't include the textbook for my psychology class that we are reading. Nothing is duller than having to read an entire textbook and being tested over JUST that in a class.

I have a paper due on Friday in my American lit class and a take home final due on Friday in my young adult lit class (we don't have sit down finals in either of those classes) and I had a final paper due in my young adult lit class (dudes that class has had SO much work) but I got an A on it so I am not worried.

It is my British romanticism class that I am worried about. It is the class I am putting the most effort into and getting the worst grade in. Isn't that always the way?

I hate my neighbor. HATE HATE HAAATE.

Finals schedule for next week:

British Romanticism @ 8:00
Young adult lit @ 10:00
American lit @ 1:00

None! Time to Study

Social Psychology @ 1:00

Computers in our society @ 8:00

Those times aren't necessarily all indicitive of the times when the classes normally are during the week. British romanticism, young adult lit, and psychology all have their finals at the same time the classes usually are, but the others don't. I really hate how they make as many morning finals as they can be at 8 oclock in the morning. Last semester I have three finals at 8, but only one class that was actually held at 8 normally. Luckily for me, those three finals I only had to drop off papers or pick them up.

Graduation is on the 19th, 2 days after my last final. I leave for Italy the day after, on the 20th. That week is going to be so busy, with finals, packing up my dorm, and packing for Italy, graduation rehersals, the actual graduation, whatever get together I might have with family and friends attending graduation, and getting to the airport on time for the flight the next morning. I am staying at my grandparents' house the night before because it is so much closer than here or home.

I can't believe I am graduating already. Please no one bring me down from my euphoria by asking me what I want to do afterwards, I am sick of hearing that question and I don't really know. I have been thinking about devoting the month of June to going to a wedding, trying to get to Minnesota for a week to join in my parent's vacation to my stepdad's family lake house, maybe applying for grad schools (?) and scholarships if I decide to, and looking for a job for a while in Vail so I can stay at home and accumulate some savings.

Speaking of friends getting married in the near future, I think my count of them is now up to eight.

OK, people. comment, I did not write a huge long entry for it to be ignored!
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If you want a Christmas card from me this year, just comment with name and address, you know the drill. I will screen the comments.